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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Over 1,000 car accidents occur in Florida on a daily basis, and no matter how good of a driver you are, it could easily happen to you. After a car accident, you may have to go head-to-head with greedy, stubborn insurance companies that will not want to pay you what you deserve. If you are injured from the accident, a new door of hardships may open. Don’t deal with the stress of insurance claims and pay outs on top of your injuries– while you focus on recovering, let Fuller & Fuller handle the rest.


Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorneys

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Fuller & Fuller have handled a multitude of injury cases resulting from car accidents in the Central Florida area. We know what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

No matter how small an accident may seem, there is still the possibility that you may have sustained injuries– some of which may not be noticeable until hours or days after the accident. We have handled car accident cases in which the victim suffered:

Back, spine, and neck injuries
Brain and head injuries
Broken bones and fractures
Nerve damage

Time Limits

According to Florida law, you must seek medical care for your injuries within 14 days after an accident, otherwise your insurance company will not cover you for personal injury protection (PIP). In order for your insurance company to cover your injuries, you must be diagnosed with an “Emergency Medical Condition” (EMC) by a medical doctor, dentist, physician, or advanced registered nurse. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, do not miss out on benefits and compensation that could make your life easier.
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