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High-Asset Divorce

Few things can disrupt your life like a complicated divorce. Divorce can have many elements, such as property disputes, child custody battles, alimony, and more.  The more elements there are in a divorce, the more complicated the divorce may be. The stakes are particularly high when the divorce deals with large assets such as bank accounts, businesses, real estate, and other assets of high-value. Agreement on the distribution of assets in high-asset divorces are rarely mutually agreed upon, and in many cases, the lack of agreement can cause the divorce to go to trial. Lest it does, it is essential that you have an Ocala high-asset divorce attorney to assist you in protecting your marital assets and your future. The law firm of Fuller & Fuller understands these types of divorce cases and can help.

Our Ocala Divorce Attorneys Fight to Protect Your Assets

There are many opportunities in a high-asset divorce for your interests to go south, especially if you have a divorce attorney that lacks experience handling high assets. If that occurs, your attorney may not be able to adequately defend you and you may lose thousands of dollars in marital assets to your spouse. Selecting the right high-asset attorney is essential to protecting your wealth and estate. The Law Firm of Fuller & Fuller has helped clients retain millions of dollars in assets and can help to protect your assets, too. Our divorce attorneys can help to protect a wide range of assets, including:

  • Bank accounts– such as saving accounts, checking accounts, and offshore accounts
  • Stocks, bonds,  royalties, and business investments
  • Business entities (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, and more)
  • Pensions and retirement accounts (401k, Roth IRA)
  • Real estate including vacation homes, marital homes, and investment properties
  • Professional practices, which may include physician’s clinics and accounting firms
  • Other unique high value assets such as cars, artwork, antiques, furniture, and more

When Property Division is Complex, Your Legal Defense is Simple

Most assets acquired by the married couple during the marriage are considered by the courts to be shared assets. In the event of the dissolution of marriage, the marital assets are to be split equally between both parties through equitable distribution as outlined in Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes. Assets which are not considered shared assets include non-marital property, or property that the parties retained and had prior to the marriage.

Get in touch with an Ocala High-Asset Divorce Attorney Today

If you have marital assets in the million dollar range and above, it is in your best interest to trust your case to a divorce attorney that is experienced, thorough, and financially literate to handle the dynamics of high-asset divorces. We can assist with the equitable distribution of wealth after the dissolution of marriage, and ensure that you receive your fair share. For more information on high-asset divorce, contact our divorce attorneys at the law office of Fuller & Fuller at (352) 547-4292. Our firm serves Marion, Citrus, Lake, and Sumter Counties and The Villages.

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