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Equine Litigation

Equine law includes all the elements of horse organizations, facilities, businesses, and activities that relate to horses. Equine litigation attorneys serve horse owners, horse businesses, and other associations by assisting them with disputes between professionals in the equine industry. The practice of equine law is less common than other areas of law, and requires specialized experience and knowledge in order to properly handle equine matters. The attorneys at Fuller & Fuller are experienced in equine law and can assist clients with a variety of equine-related litigation. Whether you are a horse owner, stable owner, event sponsor, or other party, our law firm can assist you in the following matters:

  • Equine lawsuits
  • Disputes involving horse liens
  • Foreclosures on horse liens
  • Partnership disputes between equine business owners
  • Horse seizures and sequestration
  • Punitive hearings before breed registries
  • Disputes on the purchase and sales of horses

When dealing with the equine industry, there are many instances where you may require an equine attorney to help you settle disputes. Many horse owners have their equine litigation attorneys available for emergency contact. When disputes need be addressed quickly, it’s essential to have an experienced equine attorney that can respond quickly. This requires critical thinking in high pressure situations. Only an experienced equine attorney will be familiar with equine law and be able to assistance in an emergency.  

For instance, when a stable business boards a horse, the stable is typically given a monthly payment for the stabling and care of that horse. However, the client may attempt to remove the horse prematurely without pay. Similarly, an equine trainer may work with a horse that becomes severely injured, but cannot contact the original owner to receive consent for necessary surgery or treatment. These are instances where having an experienced Ocala equine lawyer may help tremendously.  Additionally, our attorneys can advise you as to the standard laws and practices that govern equine activities. This helps you to avoid lawsuits and stay within the legal parameters.

An Ocala Equine Litigation Lawyer that Will Fight for You

Our attorneys can quickly and knowledgably provide assistance with legal disputes and similar issues of equine litigation. We will work with you to resolve your dispute in a timely and effective manner. Our clients include many horse owners, trainers, breeders, and a variety of other professionals in the equine industry. Our legal defense team will assist you every step of the way in the litigation process, ensuring that your best interests are always held at the forefront. For more information on how we can help with equine legal disputes, contact us.

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The law office of Fuller & Fuller has helped many clients to resolve a variety of legal issues pertaining to equine litigation. We are experienced equine attorneys who are here to defend your interests. Contact our firm today for more information by calling (352) 547-4292. Our firm serves Marion, Citrus, Lake, and Sumter Counties and The Villages.

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