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Partnership Disputes


Even the best-intentioned business partners will encounter disagreements from time to time, and sometimes legal action may be required to protect your investments and assets. Disputes among partners or other business owners may arise from a failure to honor fiduciary duties, a failure to satisfy contractual obligations set forth in a partnership agreement, operating agreement, or other business contract, secret business dealings by a business owner that are not in the company’s best interests, or any number of other scenarios. To avoid putting your day-to-day business operations on hold to resolve these issues, it may be beneficial to hire a partnership dispute attorney to handle your case. With an attorney knowledgeable in this area of practice, disputes can usually be resolved expeditiously. The attorneys at Fuller & Fuller are skilled in numerous forms of dispute resolution, and can help you obtain relief as swiftly and economically as possible.

Among the partnership disputes handled by the firm are the following:
Disputes among general partners
Disputes among limited partners
Shareholder disputes
Disputes among LLC members
Breach of fiduciary duty
Breach of contract
Business conspiracy (statutory and common law)
Theft of company property (i.e., embezzlement or conversion)
Theft of trade secrets or other confidential commercial information
Usurpation of business opportunity
Trade libel / disparagement of goods or services

Hire an Experienced Attorney to Save Time and Money

Litigation is not always necessarily the answer. We understand that business owners typically want to resolve internal conflicts as quickly and amicably as possible so that they may return to servicing their customers. Through alternative dispute-resolution procedures like negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, it is often possible to reach a solution that addresses the issues where your business partner falls short, all while still preserving the enterprise you have worked so hard to build as an entrepreneur. If you are experiencing a partnership dispute, contact the business litigation attorneys at Fuller & Fuller to discuss your options.

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