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Insurance Disputes


The idea behind insurance of any kind is to protect you should anything bad happen; homeowners insurance, car insurance, renters insurance, medical insurance, and more. However, insurance companies are notoriously greedy and stingy when it comes to paying out a claim, and they will fight as hard as they can to avoid paying you the benefits you deserve. The insurance dispute attorneys at Fuller & Fuller have ample experience dealing with conniving insurance companies, and we have the backbone and strategy it takes to go head-to-head against large insurance companies.

Types of Insurance Claims

There are numerous types of insurance claims that our attorneys have dealt with, including:
Homeowners insurance claims
Auto insurance claims
Disability insurance claims
Health and medical insurance claims
Life insurance claims
Mold damage claims
Sinkhole claims
Storm damage claims
Water damage claims

You Don’t Want to Face Insurance Companies Alone

Even if a claim is valid and there is no reason to believe otherwise, an insurance company may deny it. They could also attempt to delay payments or make unreasonable demands before providing you with benefits. In Florida, there are a set of high ethical standards to which insurance companies are held to ensure insurance companies comply with their promised coverage and pay what you deserve. If you are experiencing an insurance dispute resulting in the denial or delay of your benefits, contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Fuller & Fuller. We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss the next steps of your case, and will fight the insurance companies on your behalf.

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